European club crew championships, Auronzo 2003
View from the hotel
Somewhere near the hotel
Another view from the hotel
Yet another view
Enough of the scenery already
It looks a long way
Looking the other way
View from a bridge
More of the lake
The lake plus people
Yes, yes - it's a lake
United colours of Batchworth
B****y tourists
The latest fashions
A quick warm up
Just before the parade
Where is the parade anyway?
Ahh - found the start of the parade
The opposition
By the left...
Gonzo gets lucky
The team
Here we go
Ready, steady
Why does 250m seem so far
Almost there
Quick, get me off this tub
250m medal presentation
Us and the Russians
An older team than ours
Bumming around
More bumming around
Lara Croft sorts out the trouble makers
Micky insists he's right
Pleasant view
A couple of pints in the local
Mellowing out in the local
Gottle o' geer
Training between races
Team talk
More bumming around
Trying out a new move
The tension mounts
At last, the results
Gonzo sneaks in again
Feeding time
It's a good job these new shirts are very long
"Yeah, any old boat will do"
A very close final
Still close
The drinking begins
Gonzo and a couple of his mates
"I'm sure we left it around here..."
Nice view - but the beach is a little stony
Apparently there are other things in Italy
They start 'em young in Venice
Riveting conversation
"We've conquered Italy - where next?"
Gonzo gets up to his usual tricks
And it was all too much for our hero...