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1 Oct 2010
A mistake in the Rocket report. And an apology from Lord Rocket himself! Unheard of...
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29 Sep 2010
With equal doses of 'oh so close', 'wow, we didn't expect that' and 'ouch, we were thumped', Saturday in Nottingham was not quite what we'd planned. But with a hearty cooked breakfast, renewed vigour and some good old fashioned bad language accompanied by threats of violence, Sundays events resulted in a far more focussed and favorable outcome.
Apparently 2% of your way to being dead is not sufficient (in energy expenditure terms) - 4% was the days target. And based on an average age in the boat of nearly 42 it seems quite likely that some of us probably exceeded that and were most definitely pushing our luck.
The Rocket has transcribed his thoughts on the week-end here.
6 Sep 2010
He raises his head above the parapet - checks the coast is clear. Dons his false wig and comedy nose and climbs into his bath chair to be wheeled back out into the sunshine. Somewhere along the line the Rocket has managed to find his old quill and sends us his latest missive from the front line.
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5 Sep 2010
The last league race of the season has finally happened and the circle is complete. A win to start the season and a win to finish. What could possibly be better than that? Oh, I don't know... maybe the league title or something like that maybe... Yippee!
23 Aug 2010
It's been a few weeks since the last league race sports fans. We've had the European Championships in between but those mere mortals amongst us have been waiting for the final two league races. Here, then, is the first.
29 Jul 2010
We've been to a few races recently. Time for a quick discussion about the last one.
25 Apr 2010
It was a hot day by the eerily quite London Airport. And many things were being put right at long last.
5 Oct 2009
It just got better after all. Who'd have thought. Second in the 500m and third in the 1,000m giving us second overall in the open cup at the nationals in Nottingham last week-end. Superb.
Apparently a full report is on the way but edited highlights can be found by clicking here.
28 Sep 2009
Hold the front page. Batchworth finally make it to another league event. Royal Albert Docks gave us another couple of second place finishes to add to this years not so grand total.
Not only that but there's a brief race report to match. Surely it can't get better than this?!
24 Sep 2009
Golly. It has been quiet, hasn't it. Many apologies. A whistle stop tour of our year to date follows, if you're remotely interested.