A long time coming
15 Sep 2006
Both a win and a report (or even a small write up) have been a long time coming but we are still alive and (after last week-end,) obviously kicking!
So, the old form returns at last and Batchworth win in convincing style at the Peterborough race. Not only did the 'A' team win both the 200m and 500m but the Beasties raised their ugly (just kidding!) heads and put in a sterling performance, getting in to both cup competitions and... yes there's more... Aspire also put in an impressive performance too. Seven events where we've struggled to get a team then three crews come along at once - the Batchworth Bus route eh?
Anyhow, onwards and upwards... Batchworth back to their battling best for the national finals. Not long to go now.

I could add a report here but as I wasn't there it might be even more fictional than usual. In the absence of anything legible from our side allow me to redirect the race report devotees to the Kingston site for a bit of fact to mix with their fiction.