Liverpool 2007
12 May 2007
The first outing of the season for Batchworth and the first outing for the new red boat. Expectations were high but results were not quite as anybody could have predicted.
On a grey, wet and windy day at the docks the 200m heats turned out to be a bit of a raffle. The Batchworth syndicate actually did better than their normal lottery performance and just managed to sneak into the major final with only the fourth fastest time. Bizzarely neither Thames nor Amathus were so fortunate and ended up fighting it out for the lower places.
A very tight 500m semi final saw us, initially, into the major final as fastest loser but after an appeal from Thames, some random timing changes, a bit of "discussion" and a lot of toys being thrown from prams we ended up in that dark, scary area known as the minor final. Not somewhere we've been in a very long time! But, having stomped and grumbled our way to the start, we thrashed out a convincing win - the fastest time of the day and the only crew to go under 2 minutes.
Now where was that pwerful start and controlled agression in the semi, eh?
Onwards to Bristol then...