There's life in the old dogs yet.
13 Aug 2007
After an up and down season Batchworth dug deep one more time to win both the 200m and 500m races in the final league event of the year at Worcester.
We're not totally sure of the final positions in the league yet - there currently appears to be one set of results missing (from London). We believe Amathus have won it outright this year - congratulations to them. Batchworth will have to make do with a couple of places lower, mainly due to not actually attending a full quota of 7 races this year, whoops.
Nevertheless some good results this season - 2 wins in the 500 and 4 in the 200. Room for improvement, naturally, but given what we had to work with then not a bad showing at all.
Now for the Nationals. There's a league title and a season to make amends for.
And we want some more of those golden dragons...