24 Sep 2009
So where have we been you ask (yeah right). Well, I'll tell you.
In summary:
  • Liverpool - Good start to the season. Good hydrating session on the Saturday and 3rd plus 2nd in the racing. Looking good.
  • Exeter - whoops, didn't quite make it.
  • Bristol - likewise.
  • Victoria Docks/Teesside - so near yet so far (literally). Not looking quite so promising now.
  • Nottingham - hurrah, we finally make it to the start line but then promptly fail to make the 200m final. How on earth did that happen??? 3rd in the 500m though.
  • Preston - Very nearly made it. But withdrawals just before the event made this one a no-go too.
  • Worcester - This was never going to happen, what with a wedding the night before and all.
  • Caldecotte - Not even close to a full crew. But we did gather enough souls to go to Bewl Water and enjoy a week-end of racing against a few other league teams and charity crews. More hydrating, of course, a nice medal on the Saturday and a jolly good time was had by all.
And now here we are once again waiting for the end of the season. Not quite so good as previous years but we're working on it.