Scorching day, scorching times
25 Apr 2010

While the volcanic ash descends, the cloud that has hung over Batchworth has started to lift. Selected highlights:

  • A world record in the 200m semi. What's that? Dubious you say? Shirley knot!
  • A podium place in the 200m final... but a couple of steps lower than one would have liked.
  • A team talk that didn't involve any of the colour so prominent a couple years ago - but resulting in a similar frame of mind, for once.
  • A final to be proud of - and the requisite couple of steps further up the podium.
  • Sub 2:00 500m for three of the four crews in the major final. Wow.
  • A jolly pleasant drive home - waving the trophy at anyone on the M25 who cared (dared?) to look.

The infamous (and ficticious, honest) dog-leg clearly bent in our favour for a change :-)