A brief chat about Caldecotte
29 Jul 2010

M: Been a busy couple of weeks hasn't it? Not really got round to chewing the fat for a while?
G: Yeah. And you've got a bit of a T-shirt tan going on there mate.
M: Yeah, went to Milton Keynes at the week-end.
G: Oh, for that rowing stuff?
M: Paddling, yes.
G: Did you win?
M: No, but a close second.
G: So first loser then?
M: Yeah, thanks for that.

G: Someone said you took a bit of a detour in one race.
M: Hmmm, sort of. We did a bit of lane swapping with Hurricanes - though I don't think they were too keen on it. The video replay was quite impressive. But they gave us a 5s penalty.
G: Harsh!
M: Sure is - for a 200m race. But we still managed third.
G: So you're collecting red flags this season then?
M: We've had a few recently. What are you trying to say?
G: I'm sure the shortest distance between 2 points is the straight line between them... or something...
M: Yes, yes, yes, point taken.
G: 2 points actually - with an offset one in the middle.
M: Funny. Move on.

G: So, let me get this straight, you haven't actually won an event since the first one of the season?
M: Well, we won the 200 at Exeter
G: But not an actual 500 then M: Well, er no, not an /actual/ 500. But a win and four seconds ain't too bad - we're consistent!
G: How'd that bloke with 'tache and his mob do?
M: Done good - beat us. Bit of a mishap the previous week but they were showing fine form this time round.
G: And them that wear the pink stuff?
M: Opposite. Done good last time but not quite so handy this time.

G: So does that leave the league a bit undecided then?
M: Yep, wide open, only 2 events to go and theoretically 6 or so teams could win it.
G: And you're one of these 6 are you?
M: Yes
G: What? Really?
M: Yes, of course
G: So you could win it then?
M: Possibly
G: Better get your arse in gear then hadn't you?
M: Quite. Thanks for that too.

G: So, are you going to tell me about the other events that you've not written a report about?
M: Maybe. Another pint?
G: Duh!