100 percent at Peterborough
15 Sep 2003
Both Batchworth crews gave it their all at the week-end for the final league race of the season.
The Dragons won both the 250m and the 500m events giving them a 100% unbeaten record in the league this year. A fantastic achievement.
The Beasties also had a great week-end. They made it through to the major final of the 250m race and won their 500m tail race.
Report to follow soon, once the Rocket has come back down to earth...

Congratulations must also go to the Kingston crew who have now won the standard league. Hopefully they will master the intricacies of the promotion system(!) and be competing in the premier league next year.

Finally, yet another congratulations (one can overdo this, you know) to Henley who have managed to coerce enough people into boats to field two crews at no less than six events to produce highly repsectable fourth places in both leagues. Perhaps we need to get the Beasties out more often...