The "Batchworth stragglers" enter their first race
14 Mar 2004
Three Batchworth members realised, over the week-end, why they normally stick to paddling type sports as they entered a local 5 mile run.

Ian, Donna and Steve ran in the local Hillingdon Athletic Club 5 mile race on Sunday. It was the first running event for all three of them and they all finished (so they should!) - which was good.
Ian (light weight that he is) was the star of the bunch, managing a more than respectable 36 minutes for the course with Steve ("lead legs") and Donna coming in no where near last.

The event was run very well with no noticeable casualties other than an unfortunate St Johns Ambulance member who nearly had to be treated for a fat lip when he was heard to ask "Are you entering the 20 mile race next week-end?"
One runner was heard gasping "Ooh, that's further than you realise" but "Ow, my legs" was all another competitior could manage before being force fed with Mars Bars and juice.

Perhaps the marathon can wait for a while...