Highs and lows (and lots of pressure) at Exeter
12 Jul 2004
A rainy start to the journey along with a gloomy forecast turned into a sunny day with great racing and a bit of a change for record books...

An unusual draw in the 200m event saw Batchworth, Henley and Kingston fighting it out both in the heats and the final where the result was the same in both races with Henley just having the edge over us at the finish - a mere 0.2 seconds difference in the final.

On to the 400m event (but a very long 400 at that) where, in the heats, we managed to put a very strong Worcester crew into the reps (by 0.09s to be exact) only to have them take revenge in a most exciting final between Worcester, Henley and ourselves. An extremely close finish and a reluctance by Nigel to divulge the results kept everyone guessing right up until the end of prize giving.
Was it to be Henley - who'd been winning all day, or Batchworth who'd been improving throughout the day, or Worcester, who'd done more 400m races than the rest of us and so should be the most worn out...? In the end it turned out to be a jubilant Worcester taking first place by 0.2s from Henley who had pipped us by another 0.2s. Congratulations to both teams, and a big thank you to Polly and Megan (I think) from WAM for drumming for us - not in the same races, of course.

After thirteen 500m league wins in a row we've finally managed to get a different trophy for the cabinet - a third place, to go with the second place earlier in the day and enough points to guarantee us first place in the league. All in all, not quite the finish we were after but still a jolly good day out, a great result and a fantastic effort from the whole crew to get as far as we did.

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