Placings, points and prizes at Peterborough
6 Sep 2004
Both the Batchworth Dragons and Beasties had an excellent days racing at Peterborough over the week-end.

It all started with the 200m event where it was all down to speed, not placings, in each heat. The Dragons posted the fastest time but the Beasties put on a fantastic display in their heat to post a time only one second slower than the Dragons so despite coming second in their heat they qualified for the major final as fourth fastest. Unfortunately this gave them the dreaded 'lane one', right in the path of the turbulent waters and large bow wave from the Dragons in lane two. So Batchworth took first and fourth in the major final - not bad for the Beasties first time out this year.
But there was more to come...

The 500m event saw the Dragons cruise into the semis and although the Beasties placed second in their heat they still earned themselves a cup semi final place. Unfortunately this put them right back into lane one against our own Dragons and Henley once more. Again the Dragons managed to cruise through to the final and this time the Beasties secured themselves a place in the minor final but with a much more favourable lane three.
The minor final was a close run race - Cool Runnings in lane one then Henley, the Beasties and WAM in four. For most of the race it was neck and neck between Batchworth Beasties and Henley with, perhaps, Henley a fraction in front then with just a few metres to go, and accompanied by much screaming from the bank, Batchworth dug just that little bit deeper to edge out Henley by a mere 0.2 seconds - there seems to have been a lot of 0.2s margins this year. A result the whole crew was rightly proud of - not only winning the minor final but fifth overall too.
In the major final Batchworth met Worcester, Thames and Amathus - the top four league teams this year - and everyone prepared for a hard race. Batchworth put in one of their better starts of the day and, with a good deal of hard paddling down the shallow course, put in the fastest time of the day to win by just over 10 seconds!

A great days paddling, glorious weather, a brace of fine results and some nice new trophies for the cabinet. What more could you ask for...

We have a few pictures here.
The unofficial results can be found here and the final league placings (unconfirmed, of course) are here.