Rock(et)ing into the 21st century
14 Jan 2005
What with many times removed family black sheep, and all round cad Lord Brocket smarming his way through yet another low grade tele-visual slot, and that bounder McKrerrick making a complete arse of himself and dragging the reputation of the sport of kings into the mire, our very own Lord Rocket has been feeling the seasonal lows more than usual.
The curmudgeonly old relic decided that his public image was somewhat in need of a boost and that the gadget of the young and the moment might do the trick.
The old fellow returned from the Harrods sale all cock-a-hoop with his purchase.
Rumour has it in the village that he has been roaming the estate wearing a rather fetching "eye-pad".
And this from someone whose ancient jalopy sports a bumper sticker with the legend "SENILITY OR RUST" (is it a race or a statement)...