Great Apire-ations
27 Jun 2005
With the memories of Surrey Docks lingering, Batchworth were out to make amends at the Nottingham league event over the week-end but despite all the huffing and puffing the 200m event didn't go quite as planned with Amathus knocking us back into second. After a quick bit of "back to the drawing board" the 500m races turned out somewhat better and with grim determination (and in about the last 10 strokes, apparently) all wrongs were righted and Batchworth pipped both Amathus and Thames to win one of the biggest (and heaviest) trophies we've ever come across.
The league is still wide open with four events to go - roll on Exeter...
It was also the scene of a fine debut for new scratch crew "Breakspear/Batchworth Aspire" (I think!). Showing much promise and determination they delighted in taking on the might of the GB juniors and gave Amathus Wasps a good race too. They were definitely improving with every race so let's hope there's more to come from them soon.
Read the race report here...
And our version of the results can be found here.