Hot in Exeter - and the weather was good too!
11 Jul 2005
Batchworth edged just another step closer to the league title at Exeter over the week-end with their fourth win of the season also winning the 200m event on the way.
With glorious sunshine scorching both the course and the competitors (and making the cobblestones somewhat warm too) there were a lot of hotly contested races throughout the whole day. The major and minor finals of both the cup and plate competitions being won by tiny margins and in several cases being too close to call without recourse to the photo finish.
Fortunately Batchworth kept themselves ahead of the opposition though Thames and Kingston were not so lucky, both getting caught by an unusual race programme and having to do an extra race in the sweltering heat.
The 200s were over before we knew it with a nice 1.5s margin too and the 400m final involved your old favourites - Amathus, Batchworth and Thames with the outcome being our favourite.
Amathus are still at the top with the benefit of six results but both Thames and Batchworth have one race in hand so things should become just a little more "balanced" after the London race in a couple of weeks time. Watch this space...
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