Happy new year one and all!
3 Jan 2006
It's obviously been a long time since any news has been posted here but, hopefully, that will change soon. For the time being the BDA web site is up and running and looking great (although there does appear to be a lack of event details for the coming year...? [...and no sooner said than done - the dates are there now]). The senior chaps also have a website at http://homepage.mac.com/rob.j.crowley/gbseniordbt/ so you'd best pay them a visit even if you're not reaching that 'certain age' just yet.

Hopefully this year will bring forth a raft of new race report authors - we don't want to have to forcibly "encourage" people do we now! Please send your entries to the usual address and/or via the contact page. You never know we may even post entries from members of other clubs. Failing that, entries from people who've never even been to a dragon boat event but can write a good story...