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31 Aug 2003
Congratulations and, unfortunately, some commiserations to the GB teams in Poland.
30 Aug 2003
Poland results now availabe on the championship web site
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28 Aug 2003
Don't forget to check the GB Womens web site for regular Poznan updates.
28 Aug 2003
Thursday, 15:00 - The GB womens team win the 1000m gold medal at the world Nations Championship.
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10 Aug 2003
Batchworth continued their league successes with wins in all three events at Worcester over the week-end.
1 Aug 2003
The long awaited race report for Surrey Docks is now online.
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31 Jul 2003
The race report for Surrey Docks is a little late in coming. Apologies all round but we have reason to believe that The Rocket TM is having difficulty adjusting to life back on earth after his recent forays into uncharted territory.
Maybe he's still trying to gather all the facts from the day. More soon...
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27 Jul 2003
Surrey Docks - Hot, cloudy, sunny and cool all at the same time. One of our best week-ends this year gave us wins in the 250m and 500m events along with the Beasties battling through to the cup competition, putting up a strong challenge throughout.
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13 Jul 2003
Batchworths assault on the league was given another boost as we notched up another win in Exeter over the week-end.
12 Jul 2003
More official league race results have been posted on the BDA site.