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8 Jul 2003
14 Batchworth members have been selected for the various GB squads for the World Nations championship
7 Jul 2003
The BDA have just released the first issue of the dragon line newsletter for 2003 - get it hot off the press from the BDA site here or from this direct link to the PDF file.
Picture for Teesside triple triumph
29 Jun 2003
Four trophies from three events - not a bad days work
Picture for Bronz'o for Gonzo in Auronzo
21 Jun 2003
Fantastic weather, great place and a bronze medal - what more could we have asked for?
15 Jun 2003
More nice weather and a tough final brought us our third league win of the season.
31 May 2003
Batchworth Dragons kept their cool on a scorching day to win both the 250m and 500m races at the London league race. more...
21 May 2003
In an uncharacteristic outburst the top brass at Batchworth HQ have declared war on a local enemy (you know who you are :-)

"Shock 'n' awe... I'll give 'em shock 'n' awe" said an anonymous source.

War plans are being devised at this moment which are believed to include fielding a fine team for the London race.
18 May 2003
The Nottingham national league race has been cancelled - so Batchworth will be entering teams in the Dragons Alive event in Rickmansworth. But it's not such good news this time more...
4 May 2003
Batchworth continue their good start to the year by winning both the 250m and the 500m races at the Queens Dock event in Liverpool. more...
Full results...
20 Apr 2003
Congratulations to Ian and Mick who finished the Devizes to Westminster race in a gruelling 19 hours 21 minutes to gain an excellent third place.