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15 Sep 2006
So, the old form returns at last and Batchworth win in convincing style at the Peterborough race. The 'A' team, the Beasties and Aspire all giving sterling performances in both the 200m and 500m events.
11 Jul 2006
On a sunny but windy day in Exeter Batchworth recorded an improvement on the previous result at Nottingham but the race for the top is now wide open - 3 wins each and with just 3 races to go. The league title is there for the taking...
27 Jun 2006
No, we're not sulking :-)  Just hadn't got round to writing yet. Batchworth had a grand day out over the week-end at Nottingham but, as most will already know, the 100% record this year is no longer intact.
Read the report here.
And the results are up on the BDA web site already - not bad at all!
18 May 2006
The Bristol race report is now up an' ready and don't forget that we're always looking for new writers...
15 May 2006
The 2006 masterplan was kept on track at the week-end as Batchworth staked their claim to lane 2 all day at the sunny(!) Bristol docks and won both the 200m and 500m events.
1 May 2006
Sunshine was again noticeable by its absence at the Liverpool races this week-end. However it did shine, metaphorically speaking, for Batchworth, notching up another 16 points in the premier league.
Picture for Six of the best
10 Apr 2006
Despite the cloud, snow, rain, hail and occasional sunshine a slightly depleted Batchworth crew made a cracking start to the new season at Cardiff over the week-end, winning six out of six races.
8 Mar 2006
The senior women have moved home and it's only a month to go until we all start (league) racing again.
Also, the organisers of the club crew world championships have issued bulletin number 2.
5 Jan 2006
We now have the dates for the league races this year so get your calendars, PDAs and diaries synchronised.
3 Jan 2006
It's obviously been a long time since any news has been posted here but...
Don't forget the fantastic new BDA site
...and the all new senior team site and