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26 Jan 2005
Want to find a way to add your support to the tsunami disaster appeal - but in a dragon boating fashion? Then sponsor or join the BA Hurricanes rowathon on 5 March at Silver Wing Lake, Staines and help raise money for the appeal.
14 Jan 2005
What with many times removed family black sheep, and all round cad Lord Brocket smarming his way through yet another low grade tele-visual slot, and that bounder McKrerrick making a complete arse of himself and dragging the reputation of the sport of kings into the mire, our very own Lord Rocket has been feeling the seasonal lows more than usual.
The curmudgeonly old relic decided that his public image was somewhat in need of a boost and that the gadget of the young and the moment might do the trick.
The old fellow returned from the Harrods sale all cock-a-hoop with his purchase.
Rumour has it in the village that he has been roaming the estate wearing a rather fetching "eye-pad".
And this from someone whose ancient jalopy sports a bumper sticker with the legend "SENILITY OR RUST" (is it a race or a statement)...
12 Jan 2005
Now's the time to register your interest in being part of the men or womens GB teams
19 Nov 2004
...if you happen to be over 40 and a woman of the female sex.
If you're old enough to know better but young enough not to care then the senior ladies want you in their world championship team.
28 Oct 2004
While the Rocket attended to the end of season shenanigans around the estate we sent our newest reporter, armed with chopsticks and a dragon boat paddle, off to China to get us the inside story.
Here, then, hot off the press is our worlds exclusive...
25 Oct 2004
A great week-end for the GB womens team as they added a gold and another silver medal to their 1,000m success.
21 Oct 2004
Congratulations to the womens team on gaining a silver medal in the 1,000m event.
12 Oct 2004
With only a few days to go, the world championships are approaching fast. The teams will be jetting off to China at the end of this week ready for the competition next week.
We wish them all the very best and hope they can win even more medals than last year in Poland.
11 Oct 2004
The date for the club AGM has been set for 7:30pm on the 12th November at the lake. Make a note!
Picture for Straggling for charity
27 Sep 2004
The Batchworth Stragglers regrouped for a charity 10k race over the week-end, with pretty good results all round.