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Picture for Teesside triple
21 Jun 2004
Batchworth kept up their 500m winning streak at Teesside over the week-end along with winning the 250m and 1,000m races. The event was, however, a little short of crews.
17 Jun 2004
We've uploaded a few pictures from the recent race at the docks. If anyone has any more then please let us have a copy.
Also, a report from the 70 wild miles triathlon (which many of you offered sponsorship for) is now available here.
15 Jun 2004
The Rocket report from the London race is now available - but please, don't expect to read about the race...
14 Jun 2004
Batchworth continued their assault on the league by winning both the 200 and the 500m events at the Albert Docks races this week-end.
7 Jun 2004
The Batchworth Stragglers proved they're not just paddling machines(!) and they can use their legs if absolutely necessary as they entered a local mini triathlon this week-end.
25 May 2004
The Rockets view of the Nottingham race is now available. Do take a peek.
Picture for Trent Triumph
24 May 2004
In an action packed Sunday on the Trent, Batchworth maintained their unbeaten 500m record but let slip another 250m race, although this time it was only the semi-final.
11 May 2004
The Rockets race report from Cardiff is now up and with it the long awaited excuse for that race - you all know the one.
Read it here
Picture for Batchworth come back in Cardiff
9 May 2004
A great win in the 500m event made up for a small lapse in concentration in the 250m which saw Thames break Batchworths unbeaten run.
Picture for Liverpool report available
6 May 2004
The Rocket report from Liverpool is now available for your viewing pleasure. Just in time for next week-ends race.