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Picture for Batchworth look lively in Liverpool
2 May 2004
After some very tight racing in the 200m event Batchworth finally pulled out the stops and finished the 500m final with just over a second to spare.
29 Apr 2004
Congratulations to several Batchworth members for making it through the GB squad time trials last week-end.
Picture for Wedding bells approaching
28 Apr 2004
Congratulations to Batchworth and Thames paddler Richard for getting engaged in Cape Town at the club crew championships.
The best result of the week-end??
Picture for Cape Town Report
23 Apr 2004
The Rockets latest creation is ready for the world to read.
Picture for Cape Update
18 Apr 2004
Despite a major effort from the whole crew, the strength of the opposition proved too much and the medals eluded us this time.
Picture for Cape Update
17 Apr 2004
The 200m event has been and gone. Despite posting the seventh fastest time in the heats, and against stiff opposition, Batchworth had to make do with a tail race.
Let's hope the 430m races give better results on Sunday...
31 Mar 2004
As of 1st January 2004 some of the substances previously banned in sport have been moved to a 'monitoring' list and are no longer banned. This includes some products containing things like caffeine and phenylephrine. All you Lemsip lovers out there can breathe easily at last!
As always, read the label carefully and please check if in doubt.
For more information and a searchable database see the UK Sport web site.
30 Mar 2004
Don't forget that tonight sees the start of the evening training sessions. 7:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays - earlier if you fancy a spin in an O1, of course.
No need to adjust clocks so no excuses, especially those of you going you know where in less than two weeks...
24 Mar 2004
We'd like to thank everyone for their 'good luck in Cape Town' messages. They are much appreciated.

It's going to be a tough competition with crews like Shtoorm Dragons from Russia and Bohemian Dragons from the Czech Republic.

According to the latest news from the championship web site there are "1527 athletes entered from 13 countries" with 20 crews in the open event.

22 Mar 2004
Another chance for TV fame as Trisha rows with the celebs