Cardiff 2006

"Sun, sea and sangria..." is, I believe, what we all must have been trying to think about as cold and cloudy Cardiff sent a myriad of weather systems heading our way at the week-end with very few of those systems bearing any resemblance to the "British Summer Time" that we're supposed to be now in.
Still, not quite up to the snowy standards of Kent by the sounds of it.

The 200m event was a brisk reminder of what racing is all about. We managed ok despite a couple of cries from the bank along the lines of "looking a little rusty, Batchworth" - a little unlikely for three of the crew who'd never even raced before!
Kingston started where they left off last year, staking their claim for a place even nearer the top this year by giving Thames a bit of a beating to take third - nice one.

Quick trivia moment - According to my calculations there was at least one Amathus crew in as many as 17 of the 30 races throughout the day - a pretty impressive feat on it's own. Where do they get all the paddlers from?

Lunch was slightly spoiled (or was it slightly soiled) when the pictures from the Rockets recent holiday extravanganza starting circulating. We know thongs are very much in fashion - but please, everything has it's place and that place wasn't it!

Phew - What a close final. The weather didn't let up and nor did those tykes from Amathus. Three quarters of the way through it was ours for the taking but those dogged devils kept inching closer. At the line it was time for the old photo finish and then about an hour of hanging on the edges of seats (or standing in the aforementioned grotty weather) before the results were finally announced. First blood to Batchworth this season with Amathus a mere 0.27 seconds away, Kingston and Amathus Bees taking third and fourth.

Apparently training in the next couple of weeks is going to be somewhat more 'unpleasant' as we attempt to rectify the shortcomings of getting caught in the closing stages. I suddenly feel an urgent need to be washing my hair or doing some pizza leaflet delivering most evenings...

Until Liverpool then...

PS: When confronted with a sign indicating M4(W) do not be tempted to follow it when you are intending to be heading (E) - doh!

Pictures from the event (but not many at the moment)...



The unofficial league tables have been retired from our site this year on account of the BDA having a league and results system in their new web site. However, just for interests sake here are the (still unofficial!) placings from Cardiff as taken from the score sheets at race control:

Club 500m Pos200m Pos
Based on rep/semi times
where appropriate
Batchworth 1 1
Amathus 2 2
Kingston 3 3
Amathus Bees 4 11
Thames Taniwhas 5 4
Henley 6 5
WAM 7 7
Cardiff 8 8
BA 9 9
Bristol 10 15
Secklow 11 6
Henley Eyot 12 13
Worcester 13 12
Raging Dragons 14 10
Exe-Calibre 15 14
Severn Warriors 16 16
Amathus Wasps 17 17

Perhaps we'll do an unofficial 200m league this year. How about something like top six get 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 points respectively with all other crews getting 2 points. All based on major/minor final positions or the times from the last round of races that each crew reached for those that didn't reach official finals. No prizes, no official recognition, no glory etc etc - just for the sake of it.

[12 April update] Scratch that idea - the official Cardiff results are up on the BDA site and I see there is a proposed 200m league points system there anyway.