Exeter 2008 - Hail the new world order

Well we finally all made it to a race venue at the same time on the same day and the race wasn't cancelled. Mother nature tricked us again - this time we had too much cold weather kit.
It's only taken us five months of trying to get out!

And wasn't it an exciting day! BA knocking us or Amathus out of the 200m (thankfully for us it turned out to be Amathus due to the previous result). Virtually all the races being extremely close and no-one able to predict who'd be in what race. Kingston with a somewhat huge bee in their bonnet (and rocket up their dragons tail). Amathus doing their wounded prey routine all day then pulling out all the stops in the grand final. It was all rather enjoyable really.

Seeing as it is nearly exam time once again, rather than a report we've prepared a small multi choice test as a quick bit of preparation for the testing times ahead. We may all look old in our club but there are still a couple of young 'uns in there somewhere you know.

So, no conferring, your time starts now...

  1. What should you always make sure you have before departing?
    1. paddling kit
    2. bananas
    3. the little pin that holds the tow hitch on. Jolly difficult to tow without it.
  2. How many Travelodge car park spaces does a dragon boat trailer fill?
    1. they're not that big really
    2. a few
    3. let's just block everyone in
  3. What is the maximum number of Tangle Foot beers one should comsume the night before a race?
    1. none - your supposed to be an athlete
    2. one pint won't hurt - it's muscle relaxant
    3. ssh, that'd be telling
  4. How wrong did the weather forecasters get it?
    1. they were spot on actually
    2. not far off
    3. wrong, wrong, wrong
  5. Which lane should Pete have been in?
    1. one
    2. three
    3. two
  6. Which lane was Pete in?
    1. one, two or three
    2. one, two and three
    3. difficult to say really
  7. How many times must you race against a super strength Kingston in one day?
    1. just the once is enough for me
    2. one heat, one final
    3. four flippin' times
  8. How many races were actually won from lane three?
    1. several
    2. very few
    3. none - I think
  9. How hard did Fiona hit that drum?
    1. we might be in trouble for not drumming enthusiastically enough
    2. I could just about hear it
    3. pardon, my ears are still ringing
  10. How close was the racing?
    1. predictable outcomes all day
    2. the odd surprise
    3. too close to call for pretty much the whole day
  11. Where did we finish in the grand final?
    1. numero uno - we're the greatest
    2. second's not bad for our first time out this year
    3. if you told us at the start of the day that we'd get third we'd have happily taken it - honest
  12. What is your favourite colour?
    1. red
    2. no blue
    3. err, I dunno, ooops
  13. How long can you make "the band game" last on the journey home?
    1. 20 minutes max, thanks very much
    2. oh, a good hour
    3. about 3 and a half hours should do it
  14. How long did the journey home take?
    1. didn't really notice it to be honest
    2. ages
    3. about half an hour longer than "the band game"
  15. What is the coolest artist/band beginning with 'Y' when you're two hours into the band game?
    1. Yardbirds
    2. Yazoo
    3. Yusuf Islam
  16. How old was our towing vehicle?
    1. a couple of years
    2. getting on a bit
    3. quite a bit older than Sean, our star junior
  17. How was Petes debut at the helm?
    1. what a joke
    2. alright for a beginner
    3. a sterling job, thank you
  18. Did we have a good day?
    1. it was ok, I suppose
    2. not bad
    3. very nice indeed, thanks for asking

More of the same in two weeks please. But would Kingston (and Amathus) mind leaving a few people at home this time, thanks very much.

Well done to everyone, especially BA, Bristol and Typhoon - racing suddenly got a whole lot more intense this weekend and the day was certainly the most interesting I've seen for a long time. Thanks to the organisers for a very smoothly run event. Nice early finish too.

See you all soon.

Oh, by the way - if you really can't work out the answers, here's a clue - think c :-)