National Cup 2009 (Pre race report highlights)

The late night edited highlights version of the Nationals 2009 (as far as we're concerned anyway):

  • Saturday was a wash out. Actually Saturday should be officially scrubbed from the record of time itself. History should deny it's existence, such were the horrors and misfortunes that occurred.
  • Kingston reckon it's all about multitasking. We found out that we too have our own Twitterer - just we'd forgotten to connect him to the internet so all we got was live updates to anyone who happened to be in earshot.
  • And on the subject of multi-tasking - some of us had to learn to be multi-dimensional - what with racing - reporting to race control (or the headmistress) - and checking invisible race start times all at the same point in time.
  • Sunday was a peach of day!
  • Amazing how the weather conditions changed between the first round and the second. All those times that were so much quicker... Kingston, Amathus, Thames, Batchworth...
  • More multi-tasking from "chief tactical planner" MQ, "chief boat balancer" NE, "chief money collector" KH and "chief warmup man" RC - too many chiefs and not enough indians?? Who, us??
  • Excellent 500m - close finish. Second place. Pretty damn good.
  • Very long 1,000m race - about a kilometre actually - very tough. Third place. Pretty good too.
  • Second overall in the open cup. Brilliant!