Royal Albert Docks 2009

I've just read Kingston's report from the Royal Albert Docks. Shocking. Do you realise they had four helms, two drummers, one admin, one person "telling us where to go", a coach and two people "running the show". Crikey mate - we could make a whole crew out of that lot. What's worse, I nearly used the same report title that they did without realising. Drat, they beat me to that too.

Still, we had a good day.
The sun shone.
The wind didn't.
Everyone turned up on time.
The boats arrived early and were offloaded in double quick time.
And... wait for it... We had more than a full crew!!

Rumour must have been spread about our 'Oh so strict' policy on eligibility for the nationals. The trouble with that policy, of course, is that in order for a member to have done x number of races with the club then the club, as a whole, must also have done at least x races. Hmmm, could be tricky this year.

But the burger van was there, the DJ was there, the music was there - life was good - and this time we didn't have to endure the Hawaii Five-O theme every time a race started (see the Bewl Water race report... ummm, which someone will have to write at some point). The new warm down routine caused many a smutty innuendo so it was a clear sign that things were returning to normal in the Batchworth camp. Talking of which, I don't think there will be quite so many camp photos hitting the Facebook headlines this time either.

The racing? Beaten? Well, yes, strictly speaking we were. But I'm reliably informed that the distance was about "a gnats c*ck" - technical term, you know. Apparently "dragons whisker" is not descriptive enough - no one has seen a fire breathing dragon nor his whiskers whereas people have, at least seen, a gnat... Nevertheless we gave a good account of ourselves and second in the 200 and 500 will do for now thank you very much. Sadly it hasn't made any difference to our league position but then with a grand total of 3 league races this year you can't be too surprised at that.

I may not have got home in time for X Factor - which is a blessing in itself - but the chip shop was still open and Waking the dead hadn't quite started. Can't be all bad.

See y'all next week-end in Nottingham for sunshine and calm water... oh wait... that must be the other Nottingham.