Surrey Docks, London 2005

With the Rocket retired and our usual reporter absent, it was up to the Chairman to write this weeks report. "Easy" I thought. "We turn up, we win, we go home". As it turns out it was anything but easy!

We set off from Bushey with "Dizzy" the Sat-Nav guiding us to our destination. After previous tours of Cardiff and Liverpool I wondered where Dizzy might take us? Halfway round London was the answer, though to be fair, we did arrive on time, despite over a dozen speed camera's causing us to leap on the brakes!

On to the Racing! I knew it was going to be a tough day when I was told to be in the boat for at least 3 races! However the 250m heat (what happened to the 200's?) and semi we seemed to win easily so we were confident of the same result in the Final. How wrong can you be? We were beaten by an excellent Thames crew into 2nd place.

The inevitable inquest followed. I shall draw a veil over what was said, however we were determined to make up for that defeat in the 500's (or were they 450?).

It never ceases to amaze me the things people do in the breaks between races. This week we appeared to have a cottage industry making medals (not for Dragon Boating I hasten to add!). The Hangman and Noughts and Crosses league was up and running, won, if I am not mistaken by Rocket Jr.! Actually most seemed to be content with a quick kip, and no doubt your faces will be displayed in the Gallery! [Ed: Must remember to find that pic]

On to the 500's! We were told to assemble at 11.30, or is that 30 to 12 or half past eleven or nearly Midday? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

The Heat and Semi were pretty much re-runs of the 250's - we suspected that Thames weren't quite putting 100% into the Semi so we knew we'd have to pull out all the stops in the Final. And so it came to pass that after a Herculean effort we, er, came second.

Congratulations to Thames who were the better team on the day and thanks to all the other crews for a great days racing.

But wait! Whilst we may have lost the racing I did win a prize in the Junior GB's raffle (many thanks to them), so it wasn't all bad on the day!

I thought Dizzy may take us straight back home, but of course she had other ideas...

"The Chairman"


[Ed: would be rude of me not to mention it (especially as all the other reports have)... but the 500 racing did get even more exciting at one point when Henley decided to take the less than straight route down the course. Apparently, from the bank, it was all jolly thrilling but it may have been a bit of a shock in the boat... Perhaps they used it to get an adrenalin rush for the re-run :-) ]